Another Holiday EP!

As you may recall, last year I released a pandemic-themed holiday EP about five days before Christmas. I’ll Stay Home for Christmas was literally made in a week flat, and people seemed to like it, but also it had the expected lifespan of a mayfly. Three out of five songs were specific to Christmas 2020! Surely nobody would have any use for it in the far-off future of 2021!

Yeah, so, that turned out to be a bit optimistic. So, first, it’s still on Bandcamp, and you can name your own price for it! (You can also buy it on iTunes and other places, but you’ll be stuck with the price they set.) But also, it’s now being joined by a second EP!

Cover of "Have Yourself Another COVID Christmas"

In addition to being four new tracks of holiday-themed music, Have Yourself Another COVID Christmas is the first release on which I did all the audio production myself! This is more of a warning than a selling point, I suppose. I spent a lot of time moving sliders and knobs more or less at random and trying to figure out if the results were better or worse. But it’s been a valuable learning experience, and I think the results are pretty good?

It’s also available on Bandcamp for whatever you feel like paying for it, which can be “free.” Please do check it out!