My debut album is OUT NOW!

At long last, my debut album is on Bandcamp!

The cover of "I Want a Refund," by Sunday Comes Afterwards.

I Want a Refund consists of thirteen tracks with comedy, feelings, gender, and earworms. Plus a bonus track with a second version of “The Pronouns Song,” because the Kickstarter went well, and that was a stretch goal. If you download it from Bandcamp, you’ll also get a PDF with the CD booklet (containing lyrics, credits, and acknowledgements) and another PDF with a songbook (containing lyrics and chords).

Also available through the Bandcamp page are the CD version itself, and sets of buttons, in case you missed the Kickstarter and want another chance at getting the physical media. 🙂

(You can also buy it on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, or Tidal. The PDFs are exclusive to Bandcamp, because my distributor for other platforms doesn’t offer a way of including those.)

The final version of this album has been brought to you by 89 Kickstarter backers, to whom I am most grateful! This has been a long and wild journey. I am thrilled to share the results, and I hope y’all will find that it was worth it!