My first EP!

2020 has not been your typical year. (For one thing, it’s felt more like a decade.) Pandemic cases are on the rise, social distancing remains the order of the day, your uncle can’t figure out how to use his microphone in the family Zoom chat…will your typical Christmas music cut it in these trying times?

I think not. Your typical Christmas song is about people everywhere gathering together to sing about peace and harmony before going back to loathing each other on Boxing Day. “Gathering together to sing” is like the #1 thing we can’t do this year. This demands new songs. Perhaps an EP of new songs, songs that are all about the present moment.

Rejoice! Such an EP exists!

I'll Stay Home for Christmas: A 2020 Holiday EP by Sunday Comes Afterwards

Find it here:

This is my first EP, and I’m very excited about it. (I have a Bandcamp page, y’all! And album art!) And it’s pay-what-you-like, which can include “free.” I hope you enjoy it!

One final note: this was recorded and mixed in less than a week. If you think this is pretty good, wait’ll you hear the album we’ve been putting way more time and effort into. But that’s something for 2021…