Assorted updates

Livestream Date Change

I’ve gotten my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, huzzah! Based on anecdotal evidence from friends, I’m clearing my calendar for a few days following my second dose. (Even if I don’t have much in the way of side effects, it will be one less thing to worry about.) Accordingly, my next livestream will be a week earlier than usual, on Sunday, April 18, at the usual time: 3 PM EDT / noon PDT.

Album Update

It turns out that singing the syllable “la” 103 times in a row is harder than you might think!

(This is not hyperbole. I counted.)

Actual news to come soon. Honest. 🙂

Unsolicited Plug: Virtual JoCoCruise

In case you haven’t seen it, or haven’t gotten around to clicking on the link, JoCo Cruise 2021 (a) is taking place online, (b) is 100% free, and (c) starts tomorrow. Check it out here!

(I have no personal involvement with this, but also I don’t expect to ever be able to afford the real thing, so this seems like a fun opportunity.)

March livestream

We’re still doing a monthly livestream! This month, because I’m on furlough and have a more flexible schedule, it’s on a Wednesday evening instead of a Sunday afternoon. Join us on March 24 at 8 PM EDT!

My first EP!

2020 has not been your typical year. (For one thing, it’s felt more like a decade.) Pandemic cases are on the rise, social distancing remains the order of the day, your uncle can’t figure out how to use his microphone in the family Zoom chat…will your typical Christmas music cut it in these trying times?

I think not. Your typical Christmas song is about people everywhere gathering together to sing about peace and harmony before going back to loathing each other on Boxing Day. “Gathering together to sing” is like the #1 thing we can’t do this year. This demands new songs. Perhaps an EP of new songs, songs that are all about the present moment.

Rejoice! Such an EP exists!

I'll Stay Home for Christmas: A 2020 Holiday EP by Sunday Comes Afterwards

Find it here:

This is my first EP, and I’m very excited about it. (I have a Bandcamp page, y’all! And album art!) And it’s pay-what-you-like, which can include “free.” I hope you enjoy it!

One final note: this was recorded and mixed in less than a week. If you think this is pretty good, wait’ll you hear the album we’ve been putting way more time and effort into. But that’s something for 2021…

The livestreams continue!

Apparently I’m doing these on the fourth Sunday of every month, at 3 PM Eastern Time. Come join me tomorrow for an hour of ukulele songs and rambling!

Also, this just in…I’m going to be a guest on AnthSOLOgy this coming Saturday, May 30! Hosted by Dr. Jessica Hebert of the PDX Broadsides, this is a weekly show, featuring three musicians each time. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of it. You can watch that, and all the previous episodes, on the PDX Broadsides’ YouTube channel!

ICYMI: My first solo livestream!

I should probably actually use this website. I did a YouTube livestream yesterday, because we’re all home and need something to do. Some people might have had a plan before doing such a thing, but plans are overrated.

Should you want to check out the replay, you can do so here!

Happy New Year

It is a weird feeling, being an evangelist for ABBA—surely they don’t need my help—but this song is one of their lesser-known works.

If you like my musical stylings, please consider backing me on Patreon? I’ve been pouring the funds raised there right back into the music: my patrons have covered the costs of ukuleles, microphone stands, and even a guitar, though I’m still just starting to figure out how to play that. I’m hoping to overhaul my recording setup in the year to come, and you can be a part of that!

100 Subscribers!

I was on the #DoubleclicksLive livestream the other week and made a shameless appeal for more YouTube subscribers, so I could get a custom URL there. (“Like a grown-up!” Laser chimed in.) I am pleased to say that my subscriber count has passed the necessary threshold, and you can now find my videos at If you were a part of that, thank you very much!

If you weren’t part of that, you’re still welcome to subscribe, so that YouTube will present you with my latest videos. The newest one is a rewrite of a jingoist country song. I fixed it!

(This is the sort of canny cross-genre outreach you need to make it big on the small screens. Country music fans are known for their love of liberal politics, right? It worked out so well for the Dixie Chicks…)

The Doubleclicks covered “The Pronouns Song”!

I haven’t been keeping this website updated very well, partly because my day job is particularly busy right now, but mostly because I haven’t really figured out what to do with this website. At this point, its primary purpose is to link to my YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, and Patreon page.

But my favorite band covering a song I wrote—particularly a song that I think is Good and Useful, a song I devoutly hoped other people would cover—definitely ranks a post here. I am so thrilled! It racked up more than 2,000 views in its first five days, and it’s gotten lots of positive comments from around the world.

(If you’d like to cover it yourself, please do! Here are the lyrics and chords. Feel free to change all the names and use different pronoun sets, if you’d like.)

Sunday Comes Afterwards (The Song)

A new song to go with the name of my act! Like “Friday” before it, this uses the ’50s chord progression, AKA the Ice Cream Changes, AKA the Heart and Soul chords, among other names.

(In this case, it also uses the same key and strumming pattern as DeAnne Smith’s “Nerdy Love Song.” This wasn’t deliberate, but if you haven’t heard Smith’s song, I commend it to your attention. As a bonus, it features an adorable kitten!)