100 Subscribers!

I was on the #DoubleclicksLive livestream the other week and made a shameless appeal for more YouTube subscribers, so I could get a custom URL there. (“Like a grown-up!” Laser chimed in.) I am pleased to say that my subscriber count has passed the necessary threshold, and you can now find my videos at https://www.youtube.com/SundayComesAfterwards. If you were a part of that, thank you very much!

If you weren’t part of that, you’re still welcome to subscribe, so that YouTube will present you with my latest videos. The newest one is a rewrite of a jingoist country song. I fixed it!

(This is the sort of canny cross-genre outreach you need to make it big on the small screens. Country music fans are known for their love of liberal politics, right? It worked out so well for the Dixie Chicks…)